Whether it is TV, Radio Cable, Print, Outdoor, OTT, Digital, Pre-Roll, Email, Social Media or Search Ads we will work with you to determine the best platforms and mix for your marketing needs.

Commercial & Video Production

Having produced dozens of award-winning video and audio ads, we can get it done for you so your ads look- and sound- their best.

Crisis Communications

Our ability to help clients through a crisis has also won us several awards- but it is always best to be proactive ahead of a potential situation. If you may be nearing a crisis contact us today so we can help you navigate it- and possibly even prevent it.

Public Affairs

We are not lobbyists- but we have worked alongside many of them to help maximize results for our clients. Let us be your perfect partner to help with your public affairs needs. Yes, we have won awards for our public affairs work, too.

Public Relations

Many businesses are not doing enough in public relations and, when practiced well, PR can be one of the most effective- and cost-efficient- ways to get real results that impact both the client's brand... and their bottom line. Our PR work has won numerous awards. Ask us how we can help you with your PR.

Search Engine Optimization

How do you rank in SEO? If your search ranking could be improved- or, worse, if you are not sure how you rank- then call us. We have several teams dedicated to improving our clients' SEO rankings.

Website Design

Our web design teams will create the perfect site for your needs- and your budget. Whether you need a basic website to just tell potential clients and customers more about your business or you are selling products on your site, Amazon and digital marketplaces and need dynamic pricing, call us. We can build it for you. And, because we build SEO right into your site, when we build it they will come.

Case Studies

For examples of clients and case studies, contact Ed Katz

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© Katnip Marketing, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved
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